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Central Heating Boiler, Systems & Services

We at Flush Heating specialize in repairing, upgrading, and replacing your central heating boiler system.

Dependent upon the type of home, as well as current or desired boiler systems, at least three major types should be considered.

  • First, 'combi' or combination boiler systems are a high efficiency and central heating boiler system within one compact unit. These are most desirable for those looking for a more compact system, those looking to avoid a cold water storage tank, and removing the risk of loft pipework freezing over time. This is usually the perfect match for those with little space for a boiling and heating system.
  • System boilers, on the other hand, will require a cylinder for storing hot water, but it remains very compact because of the heating and hot water system that are within the actual boiler system itself. Customers like this boiler system because they also work well with solar water heating systems, and are better for the environment. They are also most economical to run, and the installation is both faster and neater in comparison to other, larger heating systems.
  • Finally, regular boilers also known as "traditional" or conventional heat-only boilers are best for homes that have heating and hot water systems linked directly to a separate hot water cylinder. For properties with an older radiator system, replacing your current or putting in a new, regular boiler system may be most ideal. This is also the best boiler system option for when water pressure might regular be low, and remains compatible with solar water heating system - in turn saving you and your family energy costs.

For those that are currently experiencing issues with their water heating system, and are looking to obtain a total flush and cleansing of their heating system, a power flush is recommended. This method will clean and remove built up grime, lime, and refresh your heating system so that it functions more consistently, and efficiently - saving you money in the long run.

Typically, a power flush will just take 12 hours, depending on the condition of your radiator, and depending on whether other chemical agents are needed to address cold spots, and to remove debris from these areas. We know how to care for your heating system, no matter how modern or old it might be, and will adjust the pressure accordingly to maintain the integrity of your piping systems during a flush.

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No heating job to small or too big.

Flush Heating are able to attend to all aspects of your central heating system, whether it be upgrading your existing system boiler with hot water tank, fitting a new energy efficient boiler or installing new radiators.

We at Flush Heating specialize in central heating problems, and our central heating engineers all hold current, necessary qualifications and are also registered with Gas Safe Register. This means, we can help you if your heating system is taking longer than usual to heat up, if you're experiencing repeated pump failures, or if your radiator needs to be bled of air frequently.

Quality, dependable & guaranteed installations & repairs

We also provide a 1-year guarantee on plumbing, and up to a 10-year warranty for our boiler installations - which means we stand both behind our product, and work that we do in your home.

At Flush Heating we will perform the necessary work to remove dirt build-up, corrosion deposits, and other debris from your boiler system using trusted chemicals, pumped at a high velocity to ensure we get any small debris left behind. We will also replace the dirt filled water with new water and can provide solutions such as fitting a magnetic heating system filter, or other kinds of filters to prevent future corrosion, magnetic debris, and other iron oxides (rust) from forming - which negatively impacts your boiler and heating systems performance.

If you have an electric system heating boiler or are looking for other central heating services then you’ve come to the right place!

All you need to do is give us a call, or drop us an email and we’ll work with you on getting the necessary technicians and engineers to your home so that any central heating boilers and systems are either repaired or replaced with the most modern, meaningful systems.

We also work with gas central heating, and have the necessary experience to work with you on both getting you a quote, and getting the job done in an expedited manner so that your heating and boiler systems are back up and running FAST!

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