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Plumbing & Central Heating Services throughout South West London

Specialist, Trusted, Friendly & Qualified Heating Engineers

At Flush Heating we specialize in addressing any and all issues or concerns related to your plumbing and central heating systems.

Our team of certified technicians and gas engineers, along with our customer service team are here to answer any questions you might have regarding plumbing and water heating systems, pressure problems, leakage, and more.

We also know what necessary maintenance and precautionary steps must be taken to ensure your boiler systems, hot water, plumbing, and drainage or blocking systems are running at maximum capacity – and will last as long as possible.

Below, you’ll find a summary of each of the services we provide, how, and why.

uCentral Heating

aBoiler replacements and gas services

sBathroom and shower fitting

Valiant New Boiler Fitting Sands End SW6

Boiler Installation

We specialize in not only repairing or upgrading your boiler system and components, but also offering you the best, most modern and efficient “combi” or combination boiler systems, different system boiler products, conventional boilers, electric, gas, and more.

Valiant New Boiler Fitting Sands End SW6

Hot Water – Vented and Unvented Cylinders

We will connect you with the necessary vented or unvented hot water cylinder systems, depending on how much space you have in your home, and what type of method you would like your water to be heated. Depending on if you have low water pressure, a vented hot water cylinder may not be best for you. However, they do require little to no maintenance and are typically much more affordable, depending on your water usage habits. An unvented hot water cylinder, on the other hand, will come with more safety mechanisms, like pressure relief valves, dual thermostats, and are ideal if you are interested in conducting heat using the central heating system, or solar thermal and other renewable forms of energy - like biomass and heat pumps.

New Bathroom Fitter and Shower Installer

Bathroom Installation & Renovation

We specialize in a wide variety of bathroom installation and repairs, and even provide a 24/7 Emergency Service line for cleaning up spills, blockages, and other damages which might occur in your bathroom or home. Our renovation services can either be simple, or unique, and we’ll use only the best appliances, parts, and specialists to ensure you are happy with the finished result. From new bathtubs to showers, sinks and more, we’ll ensure everything is secure and running optimally, all the way to the piping in your walls.

Boiler Servicing

Boiler Servicing

We take the time to not only come out to your home when it is most convenient, but also get the job done quickly and meet any of your boiler servicing needs. We not only repair, but can also replace and answer any questions you might have pertaining to your current boiler system – as well as upgrading it as necessary to save you both time and money.

Gas Safety Certification

Landlord Gas Safety Certificates

At Flush Heating we have the necessary credentials to be approved for working on your gas and plumbing systems, are accredited, and trusted for performing even the most advanced or technical work on your gas, plumbing, and electric heating systems.

Hot water tank leaking, pump replacement

Leak detecting and repairs

Sometimes, your heating system, boilers, or piping may require repair or replacement, depending on the circumstances, prior maintenance, and current goals for reducing emissions and costs within your heating systems. We will help you in also discovering any leaks within your current plumbing system, as well as apply the necessary technology and tools to prevent them from happening again in the future.

Emergency Plumbing Call Out

Emergency 24/7 Plumbing

At Flush Heating we provide Emergency 24/7 Plumbing Services, so you don’t have to wait until things are worse before addressing leaking, or a lack of heated and running water. We will help you clean up the mess, and even provide professional remodeling or replacement services for tiling, fixing, or upgrading your bathroom as needed. We have the necessary experience and ‘know-how’ to address plumbing or heating issues that are traced back into your walls, piping systems, and basement.

Hot water tank leaking, pump replacement

Drain and waste blocks

Our plumbing and heating experts, technicians and engineers have the necessary training, tools, and chemicals to address drain or waste blockage fast, efficiently, and are happy to educate you and your loved ones on how to best prevent them in the future. Often, drainage and waste blockage are a sign of greater underlying problems within your plumbing or heating system, so trust in and contact us today to find out what might be causing yours, and what the most cost-effective, efficient, and possible solutions are for your home.

Heating Engineer's Toolbox

Renewable Energy & Solar Panels

Finally, we at Flush Heating have the necessary knowledge, manpower, technology and equipment to upgrade your home's plumbing, heating, and electrical systems with the most reputable renewable energy and solar powered devices.

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We will sit with you and discuss the most cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and modern renewable energy assets that can improve your home's overall plumbing and heating systems, as well as point you in the right direction to where to get started.

Our professionals and company are VAT registered, have verifiable registered insurance, have been interviewed by, and received the Checkatrade Standard signed, and are also trusted by the local community. All of our company information, licenses, insurance, and services are up to date, and in addition to countless testimonies by happy customers, we are also always happy to provide references so that you can rest assured you're dealing with the best company and experts possible.

Customer reviews

Knowledgeable, brilliant work!

"Very knowledgeable. Worked to replace boiler on time and budget. Also did full review of heating system and balance radiators. Best tradesman we have ever had - brilliant work!"

David, London

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